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My mum finally let me get an account! I want to make more friends outside of Cloudsdale :D

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It’s been too long ; - ;

Mod here! I can’t believe there’s still so many of you around! I’ve been busy finishing school, getting a full time job and moving out of my parents, but looking back at old answers and I really want to get back into it :(

If you have any questions for little ol’ Annebiare send them away <3

Thank you :D



((Just a quick sketch of one of my favorite Tumblr ponies&#160;; w&#160;; She’s been working real hard trying to organize a Valentines Secret Santa, so I wanted to draw her something little c:
Her blog is here~ Miss Romancedy  ))

Mod: awwwhafdklajflajf this is so cute D’: and I didn’t even see this till almost a yEAR LATER WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING fffbt i’m so sorry to be late seeing this its so cute ;3; &lt;3333

((Oh man did I not send it to you?? Dear lord how terrible of me xD Well, least you found it now 8D))
I think he tells people what to do! :)
I&#8217;ll certainly finish wrapping these gifts before Santa gets here!
((Well, it&#8217;s been a long year, and sadly I&#8217;ve been on hiatus for far too long. I really miss this blog, so I&#8217;m going to do my best to make sure I have time in between commissions to continue to update with even better images ^ w ^ So thank you for those who&#8217;ve stuck around, and thank you to Kuro-Adopts on deviantart for the perfect image!))

So sorry!

(I haven’t been on in months but I was informed that I had a virus post! I’m going to see what’s caused it and block it so it doesn’t happen again > . < )


Hopefully you guys can see this.Got my OC draw while at CANterlot, volunteered to do an art panel there. Thanks to Amanda Busby for drawing this! I’m thinking I’ll digital paint this at some point, but school has me swamped as you can probably tell.Stay tuned folks!

((One of the sketch commissions I did at CANterlot! Also, this means that Annebiare will be returning this week! Prepare those silly questions for an even sillier filly! :D ))

quila111's poll: Which 'Christmas Special' idea do you like the most? :)


Help me chose what my Christmas Commission Special I will have this year! Inbox me if you have any other suggestions and don’t like to use/have a deviantart account!

((Or for you Annebiare fans, you can leave the inbox message here! :D ))


The keychain designs and the business cards for the upcoming CANterlot con on November 16th and 17th :D

Lookie guys! Everything has come in safe and sound! Which pony would you want hanging off your bag or keyring? :D
A test I did for the upcoming convention :D Still needs some tweaking, but I&#8217;m so excited to have these for real :D


Hi everyone! The hiatus is going to be a little longer, but all my prints and keychain designs are done :D Just working on a business card and bookmarks so once that’s done I’ll return to updating Annebiare :D